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Hi! I am Elaine Claggett, a world traveler with a passion for dreaming about vacations and making travel adventures happen for everyone.  As CEO of SomedayTrips,  I truly believe that travel services should begin with dreams and end with amazing travel memories. We are ready to turn your dreams into a reality when you decide it is time to plan and book your next trip.

SomedayTrips is not your typical travel company.  We are  transforming the way travel consulting services are delivered to everyone that loves travel.  We start with our amazing flagship website SomedayTrips.com that is the #1 travel site for curated travel videos to help travel dreaming and planning.  When you are ready to plan and book travel our travel consulting services will be your travel advocate to help get you ready for that dream trip.

When you return from your trip we help create amazing memories.  Our goal is to have you saying to friends and family "What an amazing SomedayTrip to ..." and then have you dreaming about the next one.

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"I got great personal attention from Elaine, and some handholding, as it is my first cruise."
"We were very pleased with everything Elaine did to make our cruise so wonderful"
"Providing great information"


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